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maanantaina, joulukuuta 04, 2006

My Very Own project

Dear readers,
I have one active WIP right now. Or actually two of them, but...the more wool including one is a bit more passive. So..the more active one is going to be mine. I just hope it will be a sweater or at least a vest for me. Let's hope it works. I'd love to wear something I have made myself. I also would love to knit a skirt for myself. But I let you know more of that later.

Let's knit, shall we?


At 11:35 ip., Anonymous Anonyymi said...

Where do I find your Finnish blog.

At 8:09 ip., Blogger Winterwriter said...

Just hold on...soon. I promise...soon.

At 6:55 ap., Blogger MysteryKnitter said...

Anonyymi: Just go to the side bar. I have written it there very clearly. You should be able to see it and find it.


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