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maanantaina, elokuuta 01, 2016

About printing and knitting

Dear readers, here I sit again as usual. Some of you may know I lost a friend in summer 2015. I am glad her funeral was during a summer too. She passed away in June and we said the final farewell in July. But I know death doesn't always come in summer. It may come any time, including winter. And that's what I have been pondering recently.
I have friends, who are old. One of them may be the next one to go. I want to be ready, when the time comes. That is why I have pondered here and there and everywhere about knitting a funeral sweater for myself.
I am Light Spring, so black is not on my list, but cocoa brown is. It is one of my neutrals. I think cocoa brown is neutral enough to wear during a funeral. I have the yarn. I am only missing the pattern.
How on earth? Well, I haven't chosen the pattern yet.
How can that be?
I haven't found the right pattern yet. I am still searching. I hope this one pattern I have already re - written and printed for myself, could be the one. I don't know, if it really is the one. The pattern I tried before this didn't fit my plans. I hope this one does.
But before I can knit the actual funeral sweater of the actual yarn I have, I need to make a test version. The meaning of the test version is to find out if this pattern is the one and the kind of that fits. I sure hope this is the one, even the increases and decreases make it swallow a lot of time and yarn. But knitting the test version is the only way to find out, if this pattern is the one I can wear during a funeral.
Let's knit, shall we?

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