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tiistaina, syyskuuta 04, 2007

What is wrong with me?

Dear readers,
I have...a bit strange state of mind right now. Why? I'd love to keep a break from needlepoint, the same time the canvases...I feel like they'd keep calling my name. What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling like this? Of course it was a relief to get one project done, but I have some knitting projects too. Oh well...Maybe I must keep them waiting...or then not. I don't know. I have a skirt as an UFO...and it has made teeny weeny progress. You see, I began the back yesterday and even knitted few rows. But that's all. It is like I would not want to knit but instead I would love to stitch, stitch, stitch all the time. What is wrong with me?????????

Let's knit, shall we?