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sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 24, 2016

Secret knitting keeps going

Dear readers,I wish I could even whisper you what I have on my needles, but believe me, it's better that I stay silent. I can tell you only this: they are surprises. One of them is such a surprise I do not even know where it goes. I want to get it done, though.
Let's knit, shall we?


keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 06, 2016

Banana ice cream must wait a little bit longer

Dear readers, I got something done, yes, but it's not what I told you earlier. This project is a scarf. It is an ice cream scarf, but it's not banana ice cream with whipped cream. Instead it is pear - raspberry - blueberry - ice cream.
How does it look like?
Here's the answer.

Let's knit, shall we?

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maanantaina, huhtikuuta 04, 2016

Whipped cream on banana ice cream

Dear readers,I have a secret plan. It is not food item. No one can wear food, be it the name is pretty delicious. I agree. It is. But this project is not something to eat. It is something to wear. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that it will succeed. It's a surprise, so I'd rather keep it under wraps until the end, and that may take some time. And later I must make that Hot Chocolate version as well. But let's not get ahead of things. Banana ice cream must be done first.
Let's knit, shall we?

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